Do you like me?

Instagram is a great form of social media used to post pictures and share with family and friends what is going in in one’s life.  The pictures are all fine and dandy–I think it’s a wonderful way to stay in touch and keep others updated on your life; however, I often times wonder if there wasn’t a “like” or heart feature, if this form of social media would be very popular.

I’m the first one to admit that I’m guilty of checking the Instagram app on my phone way too often just to see if I made it to the ultimate goal of reaching at least 11 likes to eliminate the listing of usernames at the bottom and instead switch to “11 likes” at the bottom of the picture.  In a sense, it’s a bit pathetic.  Really?  I’m that concerned with how many people also like the selfie my mom and I took on our lunch date last week or the “throwback thursday” picture of me and my little brother running around in our underwear circa 1996?

Upon scrolling down my news feed, I noticed some trends.  Pictures of puppies often surpassed the 50+ like mark, family photos ranked pretty high up there too, and anything having to do with dessert sky rockets.  “Selfies” of girls showing a bit of cleavage or guys with their shirts off tend to gain much love and pictures with captions like “wine and movie night with the girls!” also get the obligatory thumbs up.

Is it reassurance that whatever we’re doing is deemed acceptable in today’s society?  Why do we care?  If this app wasn’t in place, would we constantly be wondering what others thought of us?  What does it matter?


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